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It’s Earth Day! Let Rise to the Occasion

"Things are Looking Up" subtitled "Year of the Tiger 2010" collage from recycled paper. Lisa Byrne 2010

"Things are Looking Up" subtitled "Year of the Tiger 2010" collage from recycled paper. Lisa Byrne 2010

My Earth Day:

Buying little.  Selling nothing. Giving a hungry man a granola bar. Hearing him groan with delight. Finding vintage fabric scraps, silk blouse and cashmere sweaters in the free box. Handing someone a pocketful of change. Because they asked. Awkwardly offering a stranger $20 online. Because this week I have it to give. And they sounded like they might need it. Hearing them decline. Making a smoothie at home. Bumping into an artist for whom I modeled last semester. Collaborating about a video. Visiting another friend in her the painting studio. Recovering from  a migraine.

And posting this the piece: entitled  “Things Are Looking Up” or “Year of the Tiger 2010” on this blog.

It’s super earth friendly. Handmade from recycled file folders and fashion magazines. Created about 4 months ago. Around Chinese New Year. After visiting a friend in his painting studio. He seemed quite down. Apparently the economic crash had left him w/o sales. (And probably led to the the loss of several large commissions) He was concerned in general with the direction of things in the United Stages and in a real funky place.  Not like him at all. I  decided to make  something to lift his spirits. Initially there was a generously cleavage-d girl in the picture . And some American flag-like colors.  But then I turned the page over. It was the glossy portion of an add.  It practically sang in my hand. And the shape well….lets just say the Tiger Woods story was breaking that week. And suddenly it was the most perfect thing. A reason for hope in 2010.

Tiger year coming.

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